Year Round Program

It is our mission to provide a well-balanced developmental environment to the Western Tidewater Area. With facilities located in North Suffolk, Western Chesapeake and Portsmouth, we offer unique accessibility for players from every city in Hampton Roads.  Our training staff maintains national and internationally recognized coaching and physical training licenses with focus on technical training, athletic performance training and match related tactics.

Performance Training Program

Times and dates concurrent with Technical Training Program.

At the BURNfit facility, we help build a better athlete by enhancing speed, agility, jumping ability, functional strength, first step explosion, balance and stabilization, cutting and change of direction skills, acceleration, speed endurance, footwork, throwing velocity and distance, body control, running mechanics, lateral movement, and functional flexibility.

Goalkeeper Program 

Goalkeeper specific training is a key element to our program.

This program will develop proper technical skills including goalkeeper positioning, building into distribution and dynamic competitive group training. There will be one weekly goalkeeper training program throughout summer and winter Programs and during fall and spring seasons.

Team Training & Matches

  • Teams will train both academy style by gender, age and skill level and become team centric as they prepare for match schedules.
  • All teams will play level appropriate tournament slate that will be determined by Head Coach and Technical Director.  Some of the typical tournaments are:
    • Adidas Cup, VA
    • August Cup, MD
    • Capital Fall Classic, VA
    • Carolina College Showcase, NC
    • CASL qualifier and CASL Showcase
    • Disney President’s Cup, FL
    • Ultimate Cup, VA
    • WAGS, VA
    • Wrangler McDonalds, NC
  • League play will be through Virginia Soccer League Incorporated (VSLi).  Games are throughout the local area and region.
  • Semi-Pro teams (home field located at Norfolk Collegiate):

Training Locations

Our confirmed training locations guarantee year-round access to lighted, indoor and full sided out door training facilities, as well as a sport performance training facility.

Year round Cost

Our All Included Fee (AIF) will consist of:

  • Club Fee
  • Insurance
  • League Fee
  • Player cards and referees
  • Uniforms
  • Training fees
  • Indoor Facility training
  • Tournaments cost
  • Travel expenses
  • Summer Program (see our flyer)
  • Winter Training and Winter league (see our flyer)
  • Spring Camp (see our flyer)

The Cost will vary according to each team depending on the number of tournaments team will participate in, but an estimated cost will be between $1,200 to $1,655 (AIF).

GBSA Code of Conduct

Golden Ball Soccer Academy approved and immediately implemented in 2017 our Coach Soccer Code of Conduct to ensure enjoyment and safety of our players.  See full Golden Ball Soccer Academy coach code of conduct.

Parent conduct is also of utmost importance to GBSA as we strive to teach our players an exciting way to enjoy this game of soccer we love.  Every parent or guardian is required each season to complete the Parents Code of Conduct GBSA to remind us that our players (kids) are important to us all, see also GBSA Tips and Guidelines for Parents Behavior on a Game Day.

If you have any questions regarding our Code of Conduct policies and guidelines, then please Contact Us.  Thanks for helping us make great examples and role models.