Guidelines to Register Player

Warm welcome to all parents and players to our Golden Ball Soccer Academy (GBSA) family.  We are very excited of your interest in GBSA.

To register your child in the Year Round Soccer Academy Program, follow these steps:

  1. To register your child, please go to PlayMetrics.
  2. Create an account on PlayMetrics and register your child(s).
  3. After enrolling in our Year Round Program Tryout, pay the Tryout fee (This fee will be deducted from your fee if you make the team).
  4. Attend the tryout.
  5. If you are accepted in our Academy, an invitation will be sent that you will need to accept.
  6. After accepting invitation, pay the Registration fee.  This fee is the first portion of your annual fee (tryout fee is deducted from this registration fee).
  7. Finally, establish your payment plan.

After this simple process, all we will need is a lot of energy and the willingness to learn the Beauty of the most popular Sport in the World “SOCCER”!

We will see you soon!!!